A dedicated procurement team of professionals from multiple disciplines manages the effectiveness and appropriate channels of communications; a scalable model helps to ensure opportunities are reaching the intended audience as efficiently as possible. A stable of skilled craftsmen (and women) enable us to reach the nationwide multi-discipline connections in all regions. Who has time for that? We do.

There are multiple ways to get the word out on a practice opportunity and if just getting the word out was the goal, then there would be no need for a Procurement Model. The goal is more and knowing that deeper purpose is what drives the Procurement Model. Understanding how the practice is presented, where it’s presented, when it’s presented and what’s the practice up against? Are a few questions that help the real goal… to help start a conversation about your practice opportunity.

With the goal being to start a conversation, currently you may search for places where conversations potentially exist and then how might one be created about your practice opportunity? How many conversations is your recruiting company having with physicians and are they able to insert your opportunities into the dialogue somewhere?

Conversations are produced by emails, phone calls, direct mail, job boards, conferences, websites and even social media. Anyone is able to get to these places, but to what volume? And once they arrive, how can they break through the clutter of all the other attempts at conversations for the other thousands of practice opportunities in the country?

Procurement Model

The Procurement Model is an approach to how things are done and about what is done. We have unsurpassed advertising volume in all areas and we know how to inspire conversation about your practice opportunity. With a team that assists recruiters with the ways to get the word out and with a nationally-recognized advertising team overseeing the creative, your practice opportunity will break through the clutter. Your community, facility and practice have the best in the business for procuring candidates.